Women’s Healing Circle Staring in January

I’m excited to share a new collaboration with River Garden Yoga Center! Starts in January.

The Women’s Healing Circle is a monthly small-group Kundalini yoga session designed to help women healing from grief, abuse, assault, and trauma of any kind. Focus is on reconnecting with the body in a meaningful way. Learn how be present in the moment and in yourself through comfortable, gentle methods of yoga, movement, mantra, and meditation. Delight in community with other women and begin to reclaim your inner power. Female friends and allies are welcome. This class is recommended as a supplement to competent, professional therapy.

Julie Grossman, TIYT is a certified Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher with over 15 years experience designing and teaching yoga programs, an activist, and a survivor of assault. Profits from the Women’s Healing Circle will go to programs assisting in prevention of sexual assault in Minnesota.